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Ils se souviendront du FUN ! / They will remember the FUN


They will remember the FUN they had.
— J.A. Gamache

Toastmasters District 93 Governor, Michael Jones, gives his testimonial after hearing J.A. Gamache speaking at Seoul, South Korea Fall conference.  1 min. 13 sec.


Keynote address:



Spark enthusiasm
More than anything, your participants want rich content as well as entertainment! They need to see, through concrete examples, how others have overcome their challenges. This will propel them into action.

Obtain a genuine change of behaviour
Your participants do more than just listen--they are challenged to take immediate action! The commitment they make during the conference improves their attitude at work in the near and long term.

Create a buzz during your event
When a keynote address becomes the center of conversation between participants, you know you’ve made the right choice. It often happens that the core message is even quoted by other speakers during the same event.

People will congratulate you for your choice of keynoter! 
The enthusiasm created by the speaker directly influences the satisfaction of the participants.
J. A. Gamache’s message leaves them with unforgettable memories of your event.



The “Cross the line!” keynote address fosters:

  • The urge for change

  • A deep desire for commitment

  • The habit of seeking new challenges

The “Cross the line!” keynote address gave me back my confidence as a manager. I liked it so much that I invited J.A. Gamache to give it to my team. I am quit picky with this kind of presentation. I see many of them. I haven’t seen many keynoters with his speaking talent.
— Jean Provencher, president of Strophe inc


Inactivity paralyzes any venture
Pro-activity propels any organization to success, whether it has one employee or one hundred. Everyone should be pro-active, employees as well as decision-makers.

Although we may want to take action, we’re too often confronted with challenges that seem insurmountable. J. A. Gamache makes participants think about the nature of our obstacles. By explaining a range of proven techniques, he motivates the audience to take action on the spot.

His keynote address is unique
because it leads most participants to immediately commit to taking concrete action to overcome a challenge.

They leave with a reminder of the speech that inspires them to surpass their limits. This memento calls them to action long after the presentation is over. 



The message can be tailored to individual themes: 

  • Attitude

  • Commitment - Change

  • Self-esteem 

  • Communication

  • Seeking new challenges

  • Motivation

  • Performance and objectives



  • Style of presentation: French or English keynote address

  • Room setting: theater style preferably, with table also accepted

  • Duration: 60 minutes



  • Microphone: lapel or wireless headset

  • Audio-Visual: projector, screen and sound system

  • Minimum number of participants: 40 people







Learn the best tips of professional speakers.
Does public speaking stress you? During this interactive workshop learn the best tips of professional speakers. 

Part 1: Your group will learn:

  • The three conditions to END the fear of public speaking

  • The secret to writing a presentation in five minutes


Part 2: Personalize your group's experience
Because we want to make sure that your group gets a personalized experience, customize the second part of your workshop according to your group’s needs. 

We will work with them on three to ten tips you selected from J.A. Gamache's book entitled:

Jitters or not, HERE I COME !!! The 3 conditions to end the fear once and for all & 77 tips to deal with what happens on stage

During a speech, I heard myself starting an incomplete story, what J.A. Gamache calls a “three legged dog”. Because of that metaphor, I realized I was getting stuck with my story. I readjusted I was able to regain control of my presentation. That workshop really paid off.
— Angela Sutcliffe-Shae, business growth specialist


You can also become a better communicator
Talking in front of a group might be very stressful. However, we witness it every day, those who succeed in life and in business have mastered public speaking.

You to can become a better communicator by applying the strategies used by professional speakers. The “Jitters or not... here I come!” workshop will bring concrete and immediately applicable solutions.

This interactive workshop is divided in 2 parts.
The first one gives a proven method to rapidly organize your thoughts in order to build a speech with punch and to put an end to the stress of public speaking.

In the second part, improve your presentation techniques with the best tips used by professional speakers. 



  • Style of presentation: workshop with exercises and a Q&A period

  • Room setting: school style or round tables

  • Duration: 1 hour to a half day



  • Microphone: if necessary, lapel or wireless headset

  • Audio-Visual: projector, screen and sound system

  • Minimum number of participants: 40 people